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Lloyds Banking Group is a largest British financial institution that includes major brands such as Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Widows, MBNA. Lloyds Banking Group is a leading UK financial services group providing a wide range of banking and financial services, focused on personal and commercial customers. The Group operates the UK’s largest retail bank and has a large and diversified customer base.

At LBG I was working on various transformation projects for Consumer Servicing and Retail Business Banking.
My Role
Since joining Lloyds Banking Group I was a member of the Human Computer Interaction team – Group Digital and Transformation.
As Senior UX Consultant my responsibilities included defining and implementing strategic enhancements for key areas of Lloyds Banking Group online platform and next generation mobile browser. Delivering best practice user experience across Consumer Servicing, Credit Card, Retail Business Banking user interface.
As UX Lead I was supporting LBG Design authority group by establishing and maintaining Quality Assurance process for UX deliverables across all authenticated secure IB projects. I was producing and maintaining UX legacy documentation, assisting and up-skilling UX designers to use reusable components and patterns from LBG design system library.

Below is the summary of some of the projects I was delivering during my time at LBG.
Business Banking Cards - Online for Business service.
For the Business Banking Cards UI enhancement project I was providing UX design and support for the full life cycle process of creating, testing and delivering the enhanced user interface for business cards owners. The objective was to give Business Banking customers better user experience to view Credit / Charge card details online, with the ability to see transactional level data for each individual credit card / charge card registered to the business account. I was responsible for ‘proof of concept’ mock-ups and rapid prototypes to review with stakeholders, prepare interactive prototypes for user testing with 3rd party research consultancy, evaluate test results and implement changes to the final designs, communicate UX design input to the development team using functional UI specifications.
Business cards enhancements delivered:
  • View transaction(s) total by card, credit limit and statement summary for the last 6 months, online.
  • Filter your business credit and charge card transaction(s) by individual card.
  • View card account details including payment information.
UX process –  workshops, wireframes, user flow.
UX process –  interactive prototype.
Statement frequency
As part of PSD2 initiative to give greater autonomy to the customers in accessing and controlling their financial data, LGB initiated a mandated project that would enable LBG Internet banking users to choose or amend statement frequency online.
Due to time constraints I was working directly with the project implementation team to ensure that the most effective and innovative solution is used. The UX design helped the delivery team to put minimum effort to develop and address changes immediately with a significant impact on enhancing user experience.
Statement Enhancement – UX governance
As UX Lead for UXQA governance team I was responsible for defining and implementing strategic enhancements to the User Interface that support Account Overview and Account Statement pages. I was working closely with Business Analysts and UX designers from Agile delivery teams across different projects to ensure that UX deliverables will include every aspect of end-to-end user journeys including exceptions, error handling, specific business rules and edge-case scenarios. My extended knowledge of underlying technology (Galaxy platform, CWA applications) helped to establish an effective communication line between Business, Design and Engineering.
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